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Today we can show you the Nike Air Max 1 “Venom,” which was inspired by the football boot. The Air Max 1 comes in the same black/bright citrus colorway with an embroidery detail on the heel. Furthermore Nike used vegan-friendly materials for the upper. Overall the result is a well-balanced and solid version of the classic runner, with just the right amount of details. The sneaker is now available from 43einhalb.Streetwear is ubiquitous. It goes beyond what you wear and how you wear it, but encompasses the music you listen to, the sports you play, the people you hang out with: it’s how you live and what you do.

At the same time, we’re also at a point where Nike is at the top of its game – a position that’s grown gradually by a brand that made the right moves, contributing to a scene and a movement but in equal measure being informed and fueled by it. Simply plotting ‘Nike’ and ‘streetwear’ on a timeline, you’d see the two rise in prominence in parallel.The new Tech Pack collection from Nike arguably represents what a large part of streetwear today has become: fused with sportswear, incorporating tech elements as functionality becomes more of a defining factor. After all, one of streetwear’s fundamental roots is of course sportswear.

As well as skateboarding, graffiti culture and hip-hop, street- and sportswear are strongly linked partly because the two share an inherent functionality. In fact, the sidewalk is probably more demanding than the track: everyone walks the street, but not everyone runs the course.Following first looks at the Air Force 1 Mid “Wheat,” Air Max 1 “Wheat” and Air Trainer 1 Mid “Wheat,” here’s a closer look at Nike’s highly anticipated “Flax” pack. If you’re wondering, while the nickname given to the colorway has been “Wheat,” the official name of the color scheme is referred to by Nike as “Flax.” Before we were only able to provide you with some white background product shots, here you can get a better idea of how the sneakers really look in the wild. A must-have for any sneakerhead and/or collector, the Nike “Flax” pack will be available at Overkill as well as other select retailers beginning November 1.