Huarache est moche

His flow is tight and melodic, and his videos broke new ground by unapologetically showing branded clothing and middle class surroundings – something that clashed, and still does, with prevailing hip-hop prejudices.He works as both a solo artist, and as a part of the wider collective Agorazein. Check out more here.Step away from the capital city and head closer to the beaches of the country’s south coast and you’ll find 26-year-old Yung Beef. His recent involvement in Calvin Klein’s “#mycalvins” campaign confirms his status as the Spanish trap scene’s poster boy, but it’s been a long time coming for the man from Grenada who was previously making beds in various hotels in London and Marseille.

He’s been hard at it since 2013, when he and others (who’ll we’ll get to, shortly) formed the collective PXXR GVNG. His output is incredible, releasing hundreds of tracks as Yung Beef, his salsa/reggaeton alias Fernandito Kit Kat, and PXXR GVNG.His collective has been named by El Pais, Spain’s largest newspaper, as the country’s most important rap phenomenon in decades. His swaggering aesthetic would come across as crass was it not for the quality of the music – a powerful crossroads that sees the sweaty sounds of Caribbean dembow and reggaeton collide with contemporary hip-hop.Listen to music from all three of his project over at his Youtube account.

Another PXXR GVNG member is Kaydy Cain, real name Dani Gómez. The group itself was founded on the fact that each member was poor and wanted to do something with their lives, hence why they sometimes go under the name Los Pobres (The Poor.)It seems to have worked out well enough: in a recent interview, Kaydy was asked to described his current lifestyle, he replied “eating, smoking, fucking.” On an earlier release put out by Sony Music Spain he comes in on a auto-tuned verse singing, “We’re going to die rich, we deserve it.”He’s from Madrid and is the younger and seemingly quieter member of the group, but has recently began putting out songs under his own name. His track “Givenchy Dons” is particular impressive, as he spits in a deep drawl over an old-school hip-hop beat. Listen below.